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dA search and deviant finder by FarFromTheBox dA search and deviant finder by FarFromTheBox
I would recommend checking this deviation regularly, as I will be updating it every so often. I'm not looking just to add a s**t-load of friends or anything, but some notification of the update will be necessary. :D

Ok, I know I have done a lot of changes in last week or so. but I just couldn't help but update this thing. Not Quite to Version 3, so I call this V 2.5

:sherlock: UPDATE 1-26-08 :sherlock:

.Zip file for non-windows users

dA search and deviant finder .zip file: [link]

:w00t: NEW VERSION V2.5 10/24/07 :w00t:

:excited: NEW FEATURES :excited:

You can now narrow your search to the broad categories:

Artisan Crafts
Designs and Interfaces
deviantArt Related
Digital Art
Manga and Anime
Still Including
Popular Deviations
Newest Deviations
And the ever loved, deviant search+google

All contained in and executable .exe called deviantSearch
Download or run the file, choose directory, although default is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins, and restart firefox.

Newly Designed interface, cool icon for exe, same old icon in search bar thanks to bad blood. And, as you can see, new preview image to hopefully get more attention.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! :bow: .. enjoy :lick:

NEW VERSION V2.1 10/21/07

Yet another update. I am still trying to figure out how to implement some sort of auto complete in the text fields. Until I do i will just keep plugging away at what I have.

New Features

Just a new plug-in for finding new deviations, before you could only search for popular deviations which kinda got old fast. I wanted to search for the new stuff so now I can. Other than that, just the same old stuff. Oh The initial text in the text box has changed as well.

Ok, one more. The file is no longer a regular .zip. Now it is and .exe that you just run. Files end up in the same place. Specify the directory as
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
if C is the drive firefox is on :roll:.
I had made it to where it automatically placed the files there, but I thought maybe some folks had a different drive letter.
When you run the .exe, the menu that pops up is also titled: extract to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins, so if you forget.. there it is.
:w00t: at the new stuff and.. :phew: enjoy

V2.0 9/22/07

Now I have created a new plug-in for finding deviants. This works through Google. Simply type in the deviants name with no extra stuff and viola should be first listing on the Google page. You do have to know the exact name though. :(

Everything else is the same with the other plug-in, just adding the deviant search. Enjoy.


deviantArt search plug-in for Mozilla Firefox.
This is written in xml as with most of the commercial search plug-ins for firefox.

extract the file to X:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins

X being the drive that windows is installed to.

Thanks to =bad-blood [link]
for the fella icon [link]

and to anyone who finds this useful.

I have seen many other search plug-ins for dA, but this one, for similarity is an xml version. Hope you like it.
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August 7, 2007
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